Is TransUnion a Scam?

Posted on May 21, 2015 in Credit Report Scams

TransUnion is one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the United States. TransUnion works with businesses and consumers to help provide greater insight into people.s credit scores. As a credit reporting agency TransUnion will relay consumer information to many creditors so that these companies can make sound business decisions when it comes to issuing credit. On the flip side TransUnion also assists consumers by giving them a chance to see what is impacting their credit history. If there are specific items one someone.s credit report TransUnion will show this to a consumer so that person can take the necessary steps to improve their credit score.

One of the issues TransUnion faces on a daily basis is disgruntled consumers claiming that their company is a scam. With so many people on a daily basis requesting their credit information from TransUnion it is inevitable that some of these customers will run into some problems. When these customer service issues surface people tend to overreact and claim that TransUnion is a scam.

Many people will run into problems with TransUnion when they request their credit report via TransUnion.s website. Consumers think they are going to receive a free credit report, but in fact are usually charged a fee for the service TransUnion provides. This fee will continue monthly unless you cancel the service you signed up for. Also, many people will claim TransUnion is a scam when they find errors on their credit report and have issues getting them removed. If you should ever find any errors on your TransUnion credit report the FTC has established some guidelines that consumers need to follow in order to dispute any errors.

By better understanding the process of disputing errors on a credit report consumers should have an easier time dealing with TransUnion, which should result in a more positive experience. Understanding how you are supposed to go about disputing credit report errors will allow consumers to go about the process correctly hopefully removing any negative customer relations experiences, which ultimately result in TransUnion being falsely accused of being a scam.

Many people want to accuse TransUnion as being a scam, but the reality is that TransUnion will continue to be one of the largest credit reporting companies in the world. As much as people think this company is ripping them off, TransUnion will continue to provide businesses and consumers with much needed data and analysis to help facilitate business decisions surrounding consumer.s credit.

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