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Posted on May 21, 2015 in Credit Report

Obtaining a free credit score online is one of the easiest ways to monitor your credit rating. While you can also get a free credit report by calling each of the three major credit reporting bureaus or sending your request by snail mail, filling out the necessary information online is both the easiest and quickest way to see your credit score. When you apply for your free credit score online you will receive access to your credit history within minutes, while the other options usually take a couple of weeks to receive your report.

Constantly checking your credit score is one of the smartest things you can do. You want to avoid having your credit score be negatively impacted by anything on your credit report so that you can stay in good financial standing. Many different creditors, companies, and insurers will use the information in your credit report to make decisions on whether or not to extend their services to you. If you have an extremely low credit score you will find it nearly impossible to obtain a new line of credit from any reputable credit card company.

Another benefit from checking your credit score online is you can easily fight identity theft. Constantly checking your credit card statements is not the only way to detect is someone is trying to steal your identity. If a criminal has learned your social security number he could be going around the country opening up new credit cards in your name, taking out loans, and doing other actions that are hurting your credit score. The best way to make sure you do not fall victim to identity theft is to closely monitor your credit rating with a free credit score online report. These reports will show you when a new line of credit has been open in your name. If you happen to see any inaccuracies or errors on your report you will want to contact the major credit reporting bureaus as soon as possible. The FTC mentions a few other steps you will want to take when fighting inaccuracies within your credit report.

Not only are free credit score reports online the quickest and easiest way to receive your credit history, they are also a great way to combat identity theft. Instead of waiting up to two weeks to receive your credit report in the mail when you order it by phone or mail, you can have instant access to your credit rating when you enter all of your information online. Having this instant access will allow you to quickly and constantly monitor your credit rating so that you take the appropriate actions should you need to raise your credit score. Also, you will be able to see if anyone is trying to steal your identity and open up new lines of credit in your name. If you do see someone trying to do this you will want to report it to the appropriate authorities as soon as possible.

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